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As friends who had lost touch for several years, we miraculously reunited at a time when we were both frustrated with the existing online marketplaces for handmade furniture and home décor. These platforms were overwhelming and cluttered with items including nearly everything under the sun. Frankly, buying and selling on these sites could be chaotic and unproductive!

While reconnecting, we shared our individual experiences with these marketplaces. The first went something like this…

“My lovely wife recently found her passion for crafting handmade rustic furniture. She’s been selling online through <insert large overcrowded marketplace name here>. After starting to gain some fans around the country, we ran into a huge problem with our sales. We were getting these awesome orders for her hanging barn doors, but she was losing the sales because of shipping costs. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an easy way to determine where she was, so the orders were cancelled.”

It was exciting because people wanted to buy her goods, but ultimately, defeating she was unable to share her craft with others. Leaving both parties unsatisfied in the end. The second story went something like this…

“After working meticulously over the last couple years to remodel my first house, I began a search for unique furniture and home décor to showcase the homes’ new facelift. After searching tirelessly at the local big box stores for months, I decided to try my luck online to find my extraordinary pieces. The process was a nightmare! All of the marketplaces were chalked full of jewelry, clothing, stickers and everything in between. Attempting to sift through the clutter provided a fruitless experience which was unnecessarily difficult and nerve-racking.”

Another story with an unsatisfied ending, but then came the idea. What if we could combine our talents to create something that makes everyone happy, buyers and sellers!

The idea would soon become Rustiqued [ruhsˈtiːkd], a word blend of rustic, unique and antique. The types of goods we’re looking to host on our marketplace! We created the platform with the simple idea of providing a place specifically built for buyers and sellers of handmade furniture and home décor. Everything you’re looking for in one place with none of the clutter!

Our mission is to connect passionate creators of handmade furniture and home décor with those seeking unique goods crafted with love. The foundation of this journey is built on friendship and family values. For that reason, we strive to create a feeling of community and togetherness for our employees and our customers.