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Hapy Memorial Day from Rustiqued

On this day, we honor the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. We thank them for giving their lives so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we hold dear. We also thank those who to continue to serve in our nation’s armed forces.

From all of us at Rustiqued, we wish you a safe and happy Memorial Day.

*Image Courtesy of Custom Heritage Flag Co.

selling handmade items online

Selling Handmade Items Online: 5 Helpful Tips

Whether you build rustic furniture, knit custom clothing, or make home décor items, the Internet is a great place to sell your creations. Selling online through marketplaces like Rustiqued enables you to reach potential customers all around the world. Such sites provide a platform that makes it easy to list and sell your items. It’s much easier to sell on Rustiqued than to build your own website. Selling handmade items online still has its challenges, though.

If you are thinking about selling your handcrafted creations online or you already have a shop but aren’t having as much success as you would like, here are a few helpful tips for selling handmade items online.

Offer a Unique Product

In a way, every handmade product is “one-of-a-kind”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your products are unique, though. If you are making the same products that everyone else is making, you are going to have a hard time standing out among your competitors. And if you directly rip off another crafter or artisan’s design, you’re setting yourself up for serious legal troubles. Seriously – Do not copy someone else’s work!

When it comes to selling handmade items online, creating products that are unique and appealing to consumers is a must. Even if you are doing something that a lot of people do, figure out how to put your own spin on it. There are millions of handmade dining tables out there, for example. If you plan on starting a business selling your handcrafted tables, you need to figure out what makes yours unique.

Spread Out Your Marketing Efforts

Once you have a unique product (or a shop filled with unique stuff!), you need to ramp up your marketing efforts to make sure that people actually see it. There are plenty of marketing channels to choose from. While some sellers focus all of their attention on just one channel – like social media, for example – the most successful sellers of handmade items are those who are great at marketing their brand and products across multiple platforms.

At the very least, consider starting a blog and being active on multiple social media platforms. You can use your blog to showcase specific products, tell your brand’s story, and provide value to your target audience. On social media, you can do many of the same things (in a more concise fashion) plus engage directly with your audience. The best part? You can build a blog and active social media profiles without spending a single penny. If you want to further expand your reach on social media, though, paid ads are great.

Video and email marketing can be powerful tactics for crafters, builders, and artisans, too. You can create videos that showcase your process for completing complex projects, share DIY tutorials, or even just show off your workspace. With email marketing, you can send out updates on new products, share discount codes, promote sales, and more.

Spreading out your marketing efforts allows you to reach a larger audience. It also provides you with an opportunity to experience and see which efforts generate the best results for your business.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Your Photos When Selling Handmade Items Online

Taking poor-quality photos is a common mistake. You already know how awesome and amazing your product is. The only way your potential buyers can see that, though, is through a photograph. They don’t have the luxury of walking into a store and picking up your items to inspect it from all sides. They can’t examine it up close. Instead, they rely on pictures.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take good product photos. You do, however, need a put a bit of effort into learning about things like lighting and composition. It’s also smart to take the time to set up shots that effectively show how your items fit into a particular design aesthetic. Add a few accessories to help buyers picture how they would use your item. If you are listing a farmhouse console table, for example, photograph it with a few rustic accessories like the owner of the RustiqueAccents shop on Rustiqued did in the photo below.

Image Courtesy of RustiqueAccents

Nail Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing is one of the most important (and most challenging) parts of running a successful online business. On one hand, if you charge too much, buyers are likely to pass up your products in favor of lower-priced alternatives. But if you charge too little, they may think you are selling a low-quality product. Selling too low also, of course, cuts into your bottom line and can prevent you from earning a reasonable wage for your efforts.

Before you set your prices, conduct a thorough competitive pricing analysis. Pay close attention to how much other vendors are charging for products that are similar to yours. You will probably want to price your items around the median price point, but pay attention to the cheapest and most expensive options, too. Figure out what makes their products more or less expensive than average, and determine if any of those factors should be taken into consideration when setting your own prices.

Adjust your prices periodically to see how customers respond. You may be surprised to find that you actually sell more products when you set your price a little bit higher due to the higher perceived value. Or you may find that simply lowering your price a few cents drastically increases your sales volume. In time, you will gain an excellent sense of your ideal price point.

Make SEO Your Best Friend

When a shopper searches for a product on Google or even the Rustiqued website, the top results delivered are the ones that are the most relevant to the search query. Ensuring that your product listings rank highly is vital when it comes to driving organic traffic to your products. How do you make your products show up in those coveted top spots? SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of essentially letting search engines know what specific web pages and product listings are all about. Use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to research the types of keywords you might expect buyers to use when trying to find products like yours. This tool provides you with estimates of how many searches are performed each month for specific keywords to help you better determine which ones to target.

Use your chosen keywords naturally in your product descriptions, listing titles, and photo file names. You should also use keywords in your blog posts, titles, and descriptions. Be sure to do so in a natural way that does not sound spammy, though.

If you are new to SEO, it can seem pretty overwhelming. Moz has a free SEO Learning Center, though, where you can learn about the basics without breaking the budget.

Selling Handmade Items Online with Rustiqued

If you want to start selling handmade products online, Rustiqued is a great option. Our platform is easy to use, and it’s free to sign up. Unlike other online marketplaces, we don’t charge listing fees. There are no start-up costs and, since you don’t pay a penny unless you sell an item, no risk. Sign up or contact us today to learn more about selling on Rustiqued!

Happy Thanksgiving from Rustiqued!

We are so grateful for the love and support that has been shown to us and for the wonderful customers and vendors who make up our Rustiqued family. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you for joining us and helping us turn our dream into a reality.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family and loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Rustiqued!

Welcome to the Rustiqued Blog!

Welcome to the Rustiqued Blog, the blog and newsroom for Rustiqued LLC, an online marketplace striving to bring together lovers of rustic, unique and antique home décor with small businesses who are creating the same.

Who We Are

The idea of Rustiqued started out of frustration with the existing marketplaces of its kind. We wanted to start an online marketplace that focused on small

businesses and bringing them the tools needed to help them thrive. As two friends who were unsatisfied with the existing online marketplaces for different reasons, we set out to simplify and build something that fulfilled the needs we felt weren’t being met.

After creating something that combined our individual talents and experiences, we welcome you to Rustiqued [ruhsˈtiːkd], a word blend of rustic, unique and antique. These are also the types of goods we’re looking to host on the marketplace. At Rustiqued, you’ll find all the furniture and home décor you’re looking for in one place with none of the clutter!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire creativity by promoting an online marketplace devoted to new and experienced small businesses providing buyers with rustic, unique and antique home decor. The foundation of this journey is built on friendship and family values. For that reason, we strive to create a feeling of community and togetherness for our employees and our customers.

This mission is what continues to inspire us at Rustiqued and for this blog.

In this blog, we plan to share amazing creations from the shops in our marketplace as well as design ideas for you and your home. We will also provide tools and best practice advice for the owners of our shops to help make running their business easier and more effective! Everything we share will be designed to better connect with you, the Rustiqued family, and deliver relevant content to help make your home even more stunning.

This will also be the place for us to share news and releases relating Rustiqued. We expect other ideas and topics will come up along the way and hope you will find them relevant!

We encourage you to be an active participant of our blog! This means when you read one of our posts, please respond with your comments, suggestions and advice for your fellow followers. We ask that you keep your comments related to the conversations taking place, so we can maintain respect for all those involved and add value and depth to the discussion.

We will be moderating comments and will quickly remove any that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant. You can reference our Terms of Use for any questions regarding comments that will be considered inappropriate. We ask you don’t post any private information as this is a public forum and we cannot guarantee who will see this information or what they may do with it.

We urge you to visit the Rustiqued website to learn more about us, the remarkable shops in our marketplace and how to join us. If you have other questions for us, feel free to request more information on our Contact Us page. Thank you for reading and visiting us!

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